Travel to NTU or NIE while avoiding traffic jams in PIE, AYE, KJE every morning

Last Friday marked the last day that I traveled to NIE for my full-time teaching course. Since I am in a good mood (after completing my 4 assignments in the span of 1 week and having a pretty much relaxing first week into my practicum) and sharing is caring, I would like to write about my journey to NIE. No, not my nostalgic 2 year course but literally, the journey from my house to the institution itself.

Normally, after I have dropped my wife to work in Ang Mo Kio around 7.15 a.m., I travelled via various highways in Singapore in a bid to find the fastest and easiest route to NIE, which is located in NTU vicinity near Jalan Bahar. I like to travel via PIE but the traffic congestion + ERP in CTE always made me think twice about going by that route.

Rather than paying $2 for ERP, I would prefer travelling up north first via SLE and then exit at the BKE(PIE) exit before turning in to KJE.

However, if you noticed, I would normally reach the SLE expressway around 7.30 a.m. and by the time I reached the exit to BKE(PIE), traffic congestion will tail-back all the way towards the Woodlands Ave 2 exit. It was not till early last year that I discovered a new route courtesy of one of my NIE course-mates.

This route will take you from SLE and bring you out of the traffic congestion over there and magically bring you to Jalan Bahar.

Oklah, I was exaggerating a bit but I am serious on avoiding the congestion. Let me tell you now how you can achieve this magic of going to Jalan Bahar from SLE but avoid the traffic congestion at the BKE (PIE) exit, the Mandai Road exit and also the KJE traffic congestion.

The best thing is, the journey to NIE using this new route from SLE will only be maximum 30 min !!! (because that was the time that I needed while driving my Picanto so if you are driving a bigger car than mine, +- 7 min).

Here’s how.


About funeral and obnoxious people

I have always wondered if some people actually know the appropriate behaviour that should be don when you are in a cemetery or even when you are present at the deceased place.

More importantly, I thought you need to be polite and observe the procession with utmost silence, deep cogitation with your own thoughts and more importantly, not to laugh or have fun joking around with other visitors.

With no sensitivity being shown towards the family members of the deceased, I shudder to think how these people will educate their young ones about such matters.

And I do not think that talking about the rise of COE, the latest football results and about HDB flats is going to help the deceased.

Please, she had just ended her small judgement day and in need of prayers. If you do not wish to give any, refrain from talking such issues.

At times I am surprised as how such people can thrive talking about such matters in front of a dead body. Worse, they do not have any black hairs.

Dunia kata pergi, kubur kata mari.


The one about a lady driver

I have always believe on equal opportunity between genders when it comes to driving. I mean, both males and females are responsible for poor driving skills that sometimes may result in bad accidents. However, since the incident that occurred to me last week, I felt that at times, women drivers are not that street-smart when it comes to driving after all.

Without prejudice to any party involved, I do concur that there are responsible and alert female drivers in Singapore but the one that I am mentioning below sure doesn’t fit into the equation.