what do teenagers talk about these days

Reading teenagers’ blogs (both gender) these days are funny. Almost all will talk about the same thing.

1) Relationship, whether its between crisis among their boyfriend/girlfriend or clashes between their own gender.

2) Not able to get the amount of freedom that they yearn for.

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About bringing happiness together

I feel in a relationship, if you love someone, that is the person you would want to spend the majority of your time with DOING things together, not simply taking the lead alone. Obviously, it takes a special mind set to accomplish not wanting to project what will make us happy

It is OK to have an idea of what you WANT and envision yourself having it someday. You also have to live in the present and have gratitude for what is already good in your life and what you have become. My belief is that the art of being happy is being flexible with those wants as life leads us on our winding path.

Seeking it out may have to do with exercising the toxic people, trusting your instincts when you come to a crossroad. It may not always be the easy path, but envisioning what you want helps you make the choices. We don’t know what will make us happy someday, that is why we must seek what works for us now.

It’s important to also know what we want. And to know what we want, we have to know ourselves well. We spend so much time making lists of what we want in a mate, that we don’t have time to learn who WE are. It’s my view that if we really learn about ourselves, our goals and tastes and values and interests, that we’ll just attract someone who fits well with us.

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About long distance relationships

The very concept of long distance love relations still seems a little absurd to many people..

Love in general is a wonderful feeling for all of us and being in love is one of the most phenomenal feelings. When distance comes between them, the only solace they have is the love and trust that they share with each other. But, they still survive the distance and the wait to come out stronger and have more faith on each other than the normal couples do.

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Man Who Got Rejected 5000 times

I was reading when I chance upon this article.

Emil Kacic, a wealthy Croatian lawyer, realized that he must be the ugliest man in the world when he racked up 5,000 marriage proposal rejections! Croatian lawyer, Emil Kacic, who has logged all the failures in a little black book, said: “Money can’t buy you love, at least if you have a face like mine.”

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I feel sorry for the guy… Not!