2nd Week

All praise to God for allowing me to pass through the second week nicely despite a few hiccups here and there.

Indeed, teaching life have opened my eyes even more and watching the kids behave and how the learning process works from a different point of view is truly an enriching experience.

Although I am not sure on my length of stay with the school, they decided to push me straight into teaching two ends of the Primary 3 classes; the worst and the best.

They did warned me that the best class may not have any issue with discipline if I can manage them well but its their respective parents that are always creating a lot of issues with the school themselves.

I’m sure its just a natural tendency on their part. I mean, afterall, which parent does not take good care of their own kid’s studies right ? Besides, after dealing with many ‘excited’ customers in my previous tenure, I feel I can pretty much handle them delicately as per the school request 🙂

Though the kids in the best class are well-behaved, they made me mentally exhausted with their never-ending questions about subjects and life in general. Of course, at the end of the day, I felt happy that I am able to impart my knowledge to make them understand the issues being taught.

I’m taking small, baby steps at a time. Pardon me for the lack of updates in this journal. One of the many reasons that I could think of right now is probably the fact that my current school do not provide laptops to untrained teachers like me AND they do not allow personal laptops to be connected to the school network.

Yet, they wanted to incorporate ICT into subject lessons being taught in the classroom. When I query about this issue to my reporting officer, she merely suggested to make use of the visualizer and projector to show interesting stuff to the students.

Oh bummer!!

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