A new year but same old customers

I had originally intended to mark a splendid new year entry yesterday but was too exhausted to even pen down my thoughts due to the terrible amount of calls pouring in the PABX line like crazy.

With the incoming new year 2006, I had very much hope that the client’s supporting staff have gain some knowledge with regards to IT usage/handling of the day-to-day operations.

Of course, hope will always remain as just…hope. Take a look at one example here. Enough said.

Yes, they may be customers but after calling Helpdesk at an average of 5000+ calls per month for the past one year, surely you expect some form of intelligence creeping up on them the moment when the same issue happen back on them. But alas, hope will always remain as hope. Nothing more.

Its back to business. IT idiots on a roll. Have a great year everyone!!!

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