Casual conversation

POHCH (10:27 AM) – I want u come XXX and work as notes SA

POHCH (10:27 AM) – can?

9mohdsj (10:31 AM) – hahaha.. very funny, i doubt lady boss will allow that. anyway, let me take the CLP first lah. still taking course la

POHCH (10:31 AM) – no need take course.. here hands on

POHCH (10:31 AM) – 🙂

9mohdsj (10:32 AM) – knn. cannot lah. work as SA, but pay no increase. c’mon we’ve got to be a bit materialistic here. they need paper qualifications apart from hands on experience in order to get a pay raise :-p

POHCH (10:34 AM) – mari don’t have Notes cert anyway.. 🙂

POHCH (10:34 AM) – to me, experience more impt than cert

POHCH (10:34 AM) – talk to your boss lah

9mohdsj (10:35 AM) – yah how i wish you’re my boss then.

119 replies on “Casual conversation”

Fwah! CH cakap dgn ko macam gitu??? Untung kau Din .. while u can, get out! Dun be stuck in here macam kita2 kat sini. Your future is bright. Grab the opportunity while you can.

Heh. Yeah 10q. See how it goes first lah. This opportunity, once taken, will incur the wrath of several others here as well as onsite, I foresee…

SA? Senior Administrator? Hehhe.. If there’s any chance of u having a much preferred career job or task, grab it. Of course do give a full thought of it. 😉

Sudah tentu lah meka meka especially KG ngamok hehehe. Cos setahu aku KG dah lama aim itu Notes SA nya position. Dia selalu kutuk Mari not capable enuf but dun think much. If the offer is good, GRAB! Toksah pikir panjang2.

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