Rollercoaster WorkLife

Cranky, Weirdo, Asylum that I call workplace

A happy worker is a productive worker.

Don’t the higher council read up the Net these days? Tons of sites sprung up that shows how to manage workplace issues and managing the conflicts internally but unfortunately, the Eldars in this one is sure one helluva idiot not to read up on these.

I’ve tried to search around and I came up with this article on dealing with the office bully, how to handle being undermined, and other common interpersonal office difficulties. These are helpful in reducing some of the work-related stress you may be experiencing so you can enjoy your job more. You may wish to read up the article over here.

Also, specially blend for use by me and my colleagues, who have to without fail, toil with all the craps and nonsense that healthcare workers have to give us, this article will definitely come in handy. It explores the roots of anger, discusses how it can build up over time, and gives valuable and concrete suggestions on how to handle anger in the short-term and the long run.

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