Farewell to ex-comrade, Ramesh

Throughout my 4 years of working in my previous employment, Ramesh have consistently been in the picture whenever there are issues related in our job. He have always been there to provide advice, be it with physical PC troubleshooting and at times, even went the extra mile to assist me out of normal working hours.

Having him around was a joy to me because we like to talk (think gossip) about our work, life in SG, life in MY and many others. The main thing that I need to highlight here is that despite the age difference, we manage to bridge the gap and able to communicate effectively.


It was thus a sad news when I got to know that he is leaving Singapore and returning back to his homeland and open up his own business there. Yes, he is not a Singaporean. But I can attest to the fact that if ever I need to point out a hardworking Malaysian, Ramesh will definitely stand out in front of my eyes. For 10 solid years, he have held on to his one and only job in Singapore and defied many crisis and critics whom consistently have chided him for mellowing down while in Singapore.

His journey would probably end with success due to his resilience in facing difficult problems thrown on his path all these while. I doubt any Singaporeans would stay longer than 10 years in a company these days. Although his contributions to the project may not be recognised by his employers, I am sure he has left his mark in there and his disappearance would only have the desired impact pretty soon.


To Ramesh, I salute him and wish him all the best in his future endeavours.

(ps: More photos available on my Facebook page)

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