I’m an expert in my field, er.. what is my field?

Throughout my close to two years working for this local client, I have come across several Infotech staff of which majority of them are those who have no idea on what their job is all about.

Some of them can talk to great lengths to their own users on the dangers of Internet, the fast processing of computers to enhance the job efficiency and promising users on getting the best IT solutions for them but most of them leave the IT issues to be implemented by someone else and expect another 3rd party to provide the maintenance.

Even worse are situations whereby their colleagues are not aware that they are assign to undertake assignments or in-charge of the applications.

Not that I am complaining but imagine the great length and chaos that will generate should something unexpected arise. For all their cover-up, their kiasu-ism is not displayed prominently for this. Most want to back out from being the scapegoat in case something bad happen.

As always, Helpdesk will have to garner the blame first before the real culprit is being discovered. Of course, the damage have been done.

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