Is your solution really the solution ?

When we face a problem, we need to do some extra work to solve the problem. This ‘extra work’ is a solution when we need to work harder in the short term, so that in the long term, it reduces our workload and assorted inconveniences.

For example, you have a problem when your light-bulb blows. You need to put in that ‘extra work’ of going to the shop to buy a new light-bulb, fix it in and throw away the spoiled one. For that bit of ‘extra work’, you have spared yourself the long-term inconvenience of having to work in the darkness.

Your ‘solution’ is not a solution if the work done in the short-term doesn’t alleviate your workload or inconvenience in the long-term. Try to imagine it as having to light a thousand candles every night for the rest of your life to replace the blown electric light-bulb. The lack of light problem has been solved. But in return, there is now a new problem; you are working extra work now for light, and your workload and inconvenience has increased many-fold.

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Hahahaha .. aku cukup paham dgn apa ko tulis kat sini. Bodoh nya mgmt ni sume buat keje tak pikir long term. Menyusahkan orang lagik ada. Kesian Earlene jadik baruah. Ni sume suar tepi pintu dgn SM punya hal. Bagus lah si buta dgn si potek buat decision sama2.

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