Of promotion

A normally short-trip of less than 5 min to the toilet was delayed up to 15 min because the RDM caught hold and wanted to have a short chat with me… outside the toilet !!

Question No.1:
She wanted to make sure if I’m still interested with becoming a SHS onsite. This is because the current Deputy Project Executive wanted to take in Mama B for onsite but afraid that my current ATL or me might still want to be under desktop support rather than customer service.

My reply: A definite NO! At least not under the direct jurisdiction of that stupid pain-in-the-arse muthafucker leader of onsite who, quite recently, have began recruiting onsite support from another company instead of his OWN company saying that the current resources provided by onsite’s RDM is not talented enough.

My goodness, at which point in time did he think he is THAT capable ? Some people can be just thick-skinned at times.

Question No.2:
She concluded that I am happy with my current work, since the old hag has left the building.

My reply: True to a certain extent. Puzzled, she probed me further. She was surprised (yeah right) that I am still stuck as a basic Helpdesk agent, accumulating the normal pay (that is even lower than contract agents) and not even promoted to senior post.

Actually, I’m not surprised about this issue. 2 months back, when she was first introduced by our TL, she had asked who are the senior agents in this project and have been given a firm NONE by the leader but today, she still act like this is the NEWS of the CENTURY. I’ll give her an OSCARS for best acting for that face just now.

She said that she have heard of favorable feedbacks about a few agents including me and promised that she will fight for me, just like she have fight for others before. Aww, touching.

Only thing is she said that she need to have PE approval for promotion before proceeding because the allocation will now be in either:

– recruiting additional manpower to support the daily operations of customer service OR
– retain the current manpower size but provide more incentives to them instead.

What the hell ? What kind of a stipulation is that ? Ain’t it obvious that we need BOTH ?
Stipulation my ASS if you ask me.

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da farker must be pushing real hard to go onsite.. sampai rds semua dah tau.. CHET!

COME! let me see him for ONE LAST TIME and i’ll make sure i’ll prick his ego damn hard that he’ll nvr mention the word onsite EVER!


Why can’t they see that we are stucked in our posts because we are still fighting fire with our measly pay and small desk support against the 10K staff base. How do you expect us to fight fire? Orang lain dah naik jadik manager, jadik senior manager, kita baru nak naik jadik senior helpdesk.

Sesungguhnya Allah Maha Kuasa. What comes up must come down.

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