Peeve at Work

Sometimes it just irks me when you hear of someone who can’t be bothered to perform teamwork duties and laments on the sad fate of destiny that has befallen them.

Yes its true that all things that happen have been prescribed by Him but a person’s action is not caused by what is written in the Preserved Tablet, rather, the action is written in the Preserved Tablet because God knows what the person’s nature will cause them to do.

And even if you think that luck is not at your side, whatever happen to doa adalah senjata mukmin dan dapat mengubahkan takdir seseorang. ?

It really is just plain annoying when you are faced with this kind of people and have no choice but to bear with their idiosyncrasies and what they intend to grief upon.

Don’t get me wrong though, because I usually come across as someone who is eloquent (this is the word that went through for my appraisal), full of patience and calm when faced with nasty situations. Its just that, there is a limit to how much a person can take and I am not sure if I can take in much more such idiots on hand.

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