The workplace: One week old

Contrary to popular belief, the time taken from my home to the new office is pretty much the same as before when I walk down to the old workplace.

This is probably true because I always get to hitch a ride on my FIL’s lorry on his way to his own workplace 🙂

I can’t say the same during going back time. The journey from office back to home can stretch up to an hour the most, depending on the amount of commuters stampeding the MRT between Expo – Tanah Merah – Bedok. Add to that, the number of passengers waiting for service 60 at the interchange.

Distance aside, the environment around is pretty much ok for now. Bigger space, cubicles and surroundings, the feeling of being trapped no longer exist here, although technically we are still trapped by lazy co-workers, irritating customers (users) and dumbass dimwit bosses.

However the only problem right now is due to the fairly large cubicles, they decided to make do with… less spacious toilets!! Yes, the toilets are so crampy and small that a few days ago, I had to make a U-turn out from the toilet and head to the bigger, handicap toilet because there were 2 guys in 2 cubicles (duh!!) that were doing their business and the smell is enough to start a mass genocide in CBP. 🙂

The toilet is the last thing you ever want to visit in this building, especially the men’s toilet at Level 4. People from all sorts of race congregate together and its a wonder how these two men can survive the ordeal in there.

Moving on, another issue that need to consider when you are in this location is the lunch cafeteria / eating places. Last Friday, my FIL brought me to work on a different route, covering the outskirts of CBP. He showed me several eating places at ground level of certain buildings, all NOT within walking distance from my current working place.

Sure, there are a couple of slow food areas out here but the journey towards these locations will take up our one hour schedule if we choose to WALK. The food location at the nearest building SUCKS. Read the issue on Nasi Briyani Kayu Manis for more information on that.

So literally, I thank my MIL for supplying me with home-cooked food for lunch these days.

Oh well, time to get back to work now

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Well, what to do? The wife has to leave home even before he wakes up.. to be in time for her work.. bah..

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