When saying thanks end up with higher expectations in return

9mohdsj@sg – : thank you for the $5 Spinelli voucher
S. M. S: well
S. M. S: your welcome
S. M. S: but I want to see green for this month also and many months to come.
9mohdsj@sg – : Well, to see green is a collaborative approach among all the desk agents and not an individual effort from me alone. On my part, rest assured that I will continue to assist them to strive for more green many months to come. But if nothing can be done for their morale, then your green month will remain a single green.

No desk activity for the past 3 hours.

For a freaking $5 voucher, you expect a mountain to be moved every months after 3 years of continuous failure ?

Some managers are really a pain in the a$$

108 replies on “When saying thanks end up with higher expectations in return”

aik? $5 spinelli’s voucher? haiz..
ok lah tu.. ada jugak ganjaran dia.. tho abit pathetic ah.. hehehehe
tapi takpe din.. say thank you jer..

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