You got your just desserts

I had a minor argument with one of the ousted project mate last night. One moment, he claimed to have help me and try to get the current R/D/M to push me for promotion and suddenly, due to that email, he told me he wash his hands off me and ask me to go on my own. Like, WTF ?!?!

In the first place, I didn’t ask for your help to take care after me. I can survive on my own. But it was you in the first place who said that you will ask to get me promoted asap. I didn’t comment anything did I ?

Then, when the issue involving helpdesk vs onsite came to be known and the ultimate email was delivered, you suddenly scoot away from being near me and citing what I did was wrong? Now, he cannot help me to get an earlier promotion because I now have a bad name.

I rose up to defend my team and for that I got a bad name for criticising and technically, the cause of the rift between onsite and helpdesk. How hypocritical can one get ?

To you, I know exactly what are the repercussions of my actions and I believe I achieved what my aim was with that email and I have absolutely no regret in doing so, especially since I got my support from both my superior.

You don’t exactly think that I would do something so drastic like that without approval from my senior would you ?

Edited by request: Jughead! Dumbass!!!

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Ler .. apa siak ni anaks? Juz for that email, dia cakap dgn kau macam gitu? What the F*rk is he trying to prove? Ishk!

Aw…please don’t use the term “Jughead” because that’s my favourite Archie comics character. 🙁 (I know, I know, macam budak-budak betul aku nieh.)

But in relation to the said colleague, benda macam nie memang banyak berlaku. Susah nak dapat rakan kerja yang boleh dibuat sahabat. Tapi walau apa pun, aku rasa kau memang berwibawa dan kau ada prinsip kerja kau sendiri. Cuma orang tu saja yang tak boleh terima.

P/S: Juggie’s real name is the name in my hotmail add! 😀

Hahaha. Yes Suhaila, I just realised that as well. And for my wonderful matchmaker’s sake, I’ve changed it to an even crude term. Hehehe

Thanks for the info.

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